Your WEB Site is a Huge undertaking……

Together we can get you on-line – Where to Start? – What is Needed? – What is Next?

Before we begin to discuss the WEB Site Packages that are available, a little background and explanation on “What is required to get online” may help.

Please be warned, not all suppliers of services are transparent, don’t get caught out by deals which seem to good to be true…..

The SlinkyDuck web packages contain ALL the items needed for a COMPLETE functioning web site as described in the bullets below.

Our Complete WEB Design Pakages

Take a look at a sample website for each package type

Sample Web Sites:

The boxes above indicate the Complete Web Design packages that SlinkyDuck provide as standard services.

For each of the package types above, there are links below to take you to a sample web site built using the same functionality of each package. This will give you an idea of what is included for each package type – It should be noted that these are just examples, we are very flexible in achieving your actual needs.

Click on the site image to open a new TAB and view the site……..





IMPORTANT things you need to think about……

URL (Web Address)
The first thing you need is a URL (Universal Resource Locator), this is your WEB address like Once you have chosen the URL, and it is available, SlinkyDuck will secure the URL for you. This is done through the Domain registrar that is responsible of the TLD (Top Level Domain). A TLD is the .com / .net / etc part of your chosen URL.
URL Ownership
An important item to note here is "A domain name (URL) is NEVER owned, it is rented". Each year the domain registration needs to be renewed and the renewal fee paid to the domain registrar. The costs per year vary based on the TLD type (usually between 10 USD and 30 USD), so any site offering a domain registration service for say 0.99 USD obviously has a catch - be warned.
Now you have a URL, it needs to be "pointed" to a WEB Server that is connected to the Internet so customers can access your site. Many companies offer "hosting" with a wide and confusing array of features, functions and capabilities. Again be warned, many don't have email capability included - extra fee's. Many offer what seems like huge capacities but the "small print" says "fair usage" so you are restricted unless you pay more.
Web Site Design
Many companies offer on-line "do it yourself" web site design packages for a monthly fee. Be warned - you are then tied into their "pay monthly" plans, limited to their template design limitations AND you need a huge amount of time and design expertise to correctly place text, resize images and add functionality. The SlinkyDuck design team does all this for you.
Business email Address
Once you have your WEB Site, you need to look professional with business email addresses like Having a gmail / hotmail / yahoo email address just wont do. Be warned - Many online design packages and low end hosting services offer this function as "extra's". ALL SlinkyDuck WEB Site packages INCLUDE business email addresses.
As part of the Complete Design Package service, the SlinkyDuck technical support team provide full "in-life" support.


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